Human Trap

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The work "Human Trap" presents a thought-provoking commentary on the nature of human desires and the pursuit of wealth. Through the substitution of cheese with a pile of cash, the artist challenges the viewer to reflect on the parallels between the behavior of mice in search of food and that of humans in pursuit of financial gain.

This work also draws on the history of ready-made art, particularly the work of Marcel Duchamp and his use of everyday objects in artistic expression. The use of a mouse trap, a common household item, elevates it to the realm of art, forcing the viewer to question the boundaries and definitions of what constitutes art.

Furthermore, the scale of the trap, which is human-sized, adds an element of discomfort and unease. The viewer is confronted with the potential dangers of the pursuit of wealth and the possibility of becoming ensnared in one's own desires.

"Human Trap" is a compelling work that invites reflection on the human condition and the inherent risks and rewards of our pursuit of wealth and success.

Camilla Rothschild, Collector